Scandimania – original, honest, extraordinary

Scandimania: There’s much more to the Scandinavian food – salty flavours, arctic fish and tasty seafood are the cornerstones of Nordic cuisine. Lingonberries, meatballs and roast reindeer: most people have heard of or tasted these Nordic specialties. Savoury delicacies such as gravlax are a delicious result of these components. Fresh salmon is marinated for several days in sugar, salt and dill which creates mouth-watering tenderness. Earthy-sweet beetroot bread, aromatic black bread and crusty crisp bread are perfect for garnishing with smoked or pickled fish specialties. Intensive spices such as cardamom, turmeric and cinnamon create unique taste experiences.Sweet treats don’t lag far behind. Buttermilk, almond cake or Aebleskiver – Danish donuts – topped with aromatic berries from the region. Even the traditional Swedish Lussekatter – muffins made of yeast dough – with saffron and raisins are definitely worth a try.Whet your appetite? Let yourself be carried away by this Scandimania!

© StockFood / Gräfe & Unzer Verlag / Rynio, Jörn / #11422872 / Swedish potato soup with vegetables and fresh herbs


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