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In Focus: Photographer and Food Artist Udo Einenkel

Udo Einenkel is an award-winning professional chef, food stylist, and photographer. His artistic creations on the plate are characterized by a love of nature, joie de vivre, and pleasure. Everything follows his credo.

From 1990 to 2005, Udo Einenkel operated the organic restaurant “Abendmahl” in Berlin. He was also awarded a prize by Gault Millau. He influenced vegetarian eating culture in Berlin with his creations and events on topics such as “edible flowers and wild herbs.” His event “Essen im Dunkeln”, where he served his guests a 3-course menu in the dark was met with great approval.

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Interior Trends 2019

Cover photo: living4media / Tanya Zouev / #12524994

Cover photo: BeeldigBeeld / living4media / Tanya Zouev / #12524994

In the New Year, the focus will be on the feeling of well-being. The furnishings must not only be aesthetically pleasing, but they must feel good too.


When designing rooms, we look toward the happiest nations in the world, the Scandinavians. Hygge and Lagom will be embraced in the New Year with comfortable four-poster beds and soft fabrics such as velvet. In addition, indoor plants are used in every room to make the atmosphere more comfortable. Pilea peperomioides (also known as the Chinese Money plant) and plants with patterned leaves are in vogue.


Earth and natural colors such as caramel and honey will decorate our interiors in the coming year and give them a gentle effect. The natural, authentic home look is being seen in the comeback of light floors. They reflect more light and can be casual or luxurious. We are seeing a rise in people using handmade products made from sustainable natural materials and colors. Sustainability helps us find grounding in our own homes in these fast-moving times.


As an antithesis to the digital world and the smooth surfaces of smart devices, sensory experience is regaining importance in the home. “Living to touch” works with fabrics such as jute and rice paper (especially for lamps) as well as clay. It’s a good thing that boho flair and vintage twists will be more popular than ever again in 2019. Those who love detail will also be opting for interesting tactile fringes or bouclé fabrics this year.


Colorful dashes of pigment in a simple environment, statement wallpaper, and simply the courage to use color is the flow of the home in 2019. This trend demonstrates the desire to face the future with confidence. Creative geometry in the form of ball lights, a touch of glamorous Art Deco, fish scale tiles, and galactic art come into the home and encourage good moods. If you want more, you can rely on trimmings – the decorative details such as borders, cords, tassels, and flounces are absolutely hip in 2019.

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Food | Cookie Time!

© BeeldigBeeld | StockFood / 12548147 & 12418051
Linzer Christmas Cookies & Star-shaped vegan biscuits with pale blue icing and sugar pearls

Christmas Cookie Time

Stars, Christmas trees or maybe even moose? In which shape do you prefer to cut your biscuit dough? Cookies are part of the Advent season, preferably homemade! Coconut macaroons and cinnamon stars are also popular. Our Christmassy and beautiful selection of pictures also motivates you to vegan and gluten-free alternatives, shows specula macarons, chocolate cookies and the matching decoration.

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Lifestyle | Fearless like Frida Kahlo

BeeldigBeeld / living4media / Matteo Manduzio / #11109436

The Mexican painter Frida Kahlo de Rivera is known for her peerless style. She surrounded herself with folk, floral and surrealistic designs. The master of colors focused on rich tones and combined them fearlessly.

If you are inspired by this powerful style, you can adapt it for the interior of your favorite rooms. Don’t worry about mixing patterns, unconventional breaks in style or expressive design. It is crucial to be courageous!

Antique furniture and structural pendant lights form a good basis. Use Boho-style bedspreads and cushions to integrate multiple colors. Colorful paintings or wall hangings can also create depth. Mixing complementary tones, such as cobalt and magenta, is just as much a part of this as playing with individual shapes, materials and patterns. Animal motifs and exotic floral prints bring out the Kahlo style.

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Food | Fruits, summer salads or ice cream ?!☀

© BeeldigBeeld | StockFood / PhotoCuisine | 60373784 & 60371165
Sliced summer fruit watermelon-pizza & Glass of chia seeds with figs and marjoram


Fruits, summer salads or ice cream

“How does summer taste to you? While some would promptly respond “it tastes like ice cream”, others have stored fresh fruit or grilled foods as a reference flavor for the Summer.
Something that can definitely be determined at hot temperatures: light food is enough for us to fill our stomachs. Fruits, summer salads or ice cream – everything comes in bright colors onto the table.”


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Lifestyle | Travel Influences

 © BeeldigBeeld /  living4media / Bildhübsch / #12272908

Travel Influences

Inspiration from the Journey

Vacation time is the time for inspiration because we can learn something from other countries and cultures. From now on we will be taking our travel impressions with us into our own four walls.

Colorful fabrics, ornamental home accessories, mosaic tiles, the typical hanging lamp or richly patterned carpet runners bring the Moroccan style into our homes. Natural materials, airy linen fabrics, geometric patterns, animal prints, patchwork, sculptures and wooden bowls create the African ethnic look.

You can even rely on Mediterranean influences such as arches, terracotta pots and stone facades that are reminiscent of Tuscany. From Indonesia and Thailand we can bring in furniture made of teak or rattan. The USA also provides ideas for when the vacation is over; cool metal cans decorate our kitchens.

Whether Ikat pattern, Indian silk or hanging lamp – bring the holiday feeling home!

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Food | Mei Inspiratie

© BeeldigBeeld | StockFood / Einenkel, Udo | 12443816 (RM)
Roasted white asparagus with wild herb salad

Mei Inspiratie…

Mei is bij uitstek de maand van de asperges en rabarber.
Asperges kunnen worden gekookt, maar ook beeldig worden geroosterd of gegrild met een beetje olijfolie.
Van rabarber kunnen alleen de stengels worden gegeten. Hier kan je heerlijke taarten, maar ook saus voor bijvoorbeeld vanille-ijs van maken.

Laat je inspireren:

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Beauty & Lifestyle | Voorjaarsschoonmaak


Soms krijg je de kriebels als de eerste sneeuwklokjes opkomen. Een andere keer komt het pas als de temperaturen buiten omhoog gaan en het huis verfrissing kan gebruiken. Het winterse stof uitgeklopt. Alles lekker in het sop. Klaar voor de lente met nieuwe energie.

En dit gaat niet alleen over je een letterlijke huis, maar deze periode is ook fijn om je figuurlijke huis, lichaam en haar omgeving te verfrissen. Schud het stof van lichaam en geest; bijvoorbeeld met Uddiyana- Bandha detox yoga.

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11947545 Uddiyana-Bandha cycle (detox yoga) © BeeldigBeeld / / Gräfe & Unzer Verlag / Rodach, Johannes