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Old buildings are full of personality and charm. Their presence helps to characterize many large cities. They are often built during the turn of the century, back in a time when houses were built not just for functionality, but with a love for detail.

Here, we share with you images and photo series showing the diversity of each of these old buildings. The most common styles and characteristics of older buildings consist of tall ceilings, large windows, wainscoting, old doors, ornate fixtures, valuable stucco, parquet floors, French doors, open fireplaces, and lavish balconies.

Typical Old Building
How do you utilize everything in this perfect space? How do you make a palace with high walls “hyggelig”?  How do you combine tradition with modernity and personal style? Our furnishing ideas offer many possibilities. Even in a rented apartment, anyone who is struggling with their new living space can get a lot closer to their dream home! We’ll show you how to succeed with our decor and do-it-yourself ideassuch as decorative door trim, a nostalgic wallpaper, faux wainscoting, the obligatory chandelier and the fireplace dummy with a sea of candles.
Ideas Do It Yourself

Food | Lovely Lavender

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Small Chocolate and Lavender Cakes

Culinary Lavender

StockFood. Lavender is as beautiful and delicate as it is powerful in its effect. Our tip: Sprinkle the lavender buds in your culinary dishes. Here’s lovely lavender food!

Lavender is best known in glass vials as an essential oil or in the form of dried lavender in a linen bag that can be placed on a bed or in a cupboard. We say: Take the little buds in your hand, breathe in the scent and then sprinkle them into your culinary adventures. Lavender goes well with cakes and tarts as well as salads and bowls. It is a highlight in drinks like lemonade and water. But be careful not to add too much of this extremely aromatic herb.

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Everything is in the Green

We want you to stay healthy. That is why we have packed a lot of vitamins in this week and they are all green. Well then, everything is green!

It’s green… so green… our current image selection for our banner of the week. All different shades Healthy greens are revitalizing our week from avocado, spinach, and asparagus, to kale.

On the banner, we have positioned a cold avocado cream soup garnished with feta, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and lamb’s lettuce on the left. The center is a close up of young beetroot leaves and to the right is a spinach smoothie in the glass.

The change of perspective seems unusual at first. While the middle shows a strong close-up of an ingredient, the left image is seen from above the dish with ingredients and props. The rustic photograph is taken in the “Perfectly Imperfect” style. The picture on the right offers a frontal view. It shows little “food” but is lively due to the presences of a person. The contrast between a radiant green smoothie and a grey sweater correlates with the first image’s grey background. The grey acts as a frame around the fresh green.

The healthy green makes you want more. And that’s exactly why we’ve put together a selection of more vitamins for you.

The fresh nuances and the revitalizing food styling of these photos are gifts for our eyes. See for yourself!

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